5 Tips to Prepare for In-Home Family Photos

Prepare for in-home family photos

Let me help you to prepare for in-home family photos with these 5 tips, because in-home sessions are some of my favorites!!

Home is where the heart is, which is why is makes sense that you feel the most comfortable there (and so do your kids). It’s decorated to reflect YOU and your family, so what better backdrop?! Scroll down to read my 5 tips to prepare for in-home family photos and get the most out of our time together.

1. Forget Perfect!!

You can tidy up, but this is your home that you live in. I will move things around if I think necessary, but your things have stories. Having those little glimpses of special things behind you will give you even more feelings when you look at your photos.

Mom, dad and three kids smiling in prepare for in-home family photos.

2. Open the shades and curtains and turn off the lights

Let that beautiful natural light stream in!! It is the most flattering and that way we only have one light source. Knowing how the light comes in to certain rooms during the daytime is a great way to prepare for in-home family photos.

Mom and dad holding baby in prepare for in-home family photos.

3. Think about the spaces within the home that tell the story

Think about where you spend your time. Is it your living room couch that you sit on and read books to your kids (or they jump on!!). What about your kids room with their favorite stuffies? How about the front step of your home? The list is endless!! My favorite locations are the kitchen, playroom, main bedroom, children’s bedrooms and the backyard. This allows for a real, natural look into your lives.

4. Have ideas of what you enjoy doing together in your home

Going for a walk down your street with your dog, making a huge pile of leaves to jump in, snuggling in bed, or even jumping on a couch in your backyard…nothing is off limits!! Be sure to ask you kids what they think, too. They may have great ideas that will help you prepare for in-home family photos!

5. Like always…let your kids lead the way!!

Kids are usually excited to have me in their home to show me their room and all the things they love about this special place. Those are the things you will want to remember later on that you sometimes forget as they get older. We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that they are someone today. Stop time please!! Freeze these kids in this moment.

Most importantly…

Having these memories to look back on will be something you will thank yourself for, especially when your kids are all grown up.

It’s important to capture this time together in our lives, so let’s connect so we can get a family photography session scheduled!

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