Minneapolis Newborn Photographer I Calm Maeve

Minneapolis newborn photos with the entire family jumping on couch

This Minneapolis Newborn Photographer was so excited to photograph this family for the third time. They are always some of my favorites!!

In-home newborn sessions are such a blast for me because the kids usually feel the most comfortable in their own spaces. (Like we all do!) It’s awesome that you don’t have to pack-up and go anywhere with a new baby. Plus, your other kids can just be themselves and comfortable in your home. The space that you designed and made a home is the perfect backdrop for these types of photo sessions!

Like all my newborn sessions we start with everyone and then go from there. When I first arrive everyone is usually super excited and ready to get their photos taken, so why not start with the whole crew?! From there the other sibling can go play while we focus on the newborn and then bring them back in once they get their wiggles out.

In the case with this session the big sister was so comfortable with this Minneapolis Newborn Photographer, because of our four year connection, that she wanted a turn for “just her” photos. I love when they are excited to see me and ready to show me who they are right now by letting me capture this moment in time. She even took out her play phone to take photos of me.

Also, baby Maeve was the most alert and calm newborn that this Minneapolis Newborn Photographer has ever had! She was just taking it all in and I couldn’t wait to capture it all!

I know it can be overwhelming when thinking about an in-home session, so if you’re looking for some tips on how to prepare be sure to check out my previous blog post!

Are you expecting or have a newborn that you are wanting to get newborn photos taken of? Come chat with this Minneapolis Newborn Photographer and start your family photography experience so you can have your memories preserved forever!

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