Why Capturing the First Year Matters

Why Capturing the First Year Matters

From Tiny Steps to Big Adventures: Why Capturing the First Year Matters…

Every parent loves taking a TON of photos of their baby’s milestones and special moments, yet it can be difficult to keep up with documenting all those special memories. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have a visual timeline of your little one’s growth throughout the first 18 months made for you?!

You can, with a VIP Membership!! Keep up with the new tricks and changes as you watch that chubby smile spread across their face from month-to-month — trust me, these photos will bring you so much joy as your little one grows and changes in those first few months. Capture special moments and guarantee yourself forever memories that reflect that moment in time!!

For just $700, you’ll receive up to three photo sessions with your bundle and enjoy significant savings versus booking sessions individually. Watch your child grow and capture every unforgettable moment with the membership!!

With the VIP Membership, you’ll get access to:

  • Up to three sessions over 18 months
  • Customizable collections for each session
  • $100 discount on each collection purchase made after every session
  • 24 birth announcements
  • Special invites to our exclusive events, such as Mini Sessions and Holiday Sessions

Here is what a past and current VIP had to say:

“Megan is an incredibly talented and creative family photographer. We took advantage of her newborn package to document the first year of our girls’ lives, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Megan takes the time to get to know your family, and her images perfectly reflect our personalities. Each session has been a joy to shoot, and we are absolutely in love with each image. Megan gives so many great tips for preparation before a session, but even if we showed up in potato sacks, we know the images would still turn out amazing because of her artistry. We feel lucky to have found Megan and will treasure these memories for years to come. We can’t recommend her enough, and we can’t wait to have her capture our family growth for years to come!” – Erin Vining

Want to chat more about the VIP Membership? Sending me an email and we can chat all about it!!


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