Stress Free Family Photos – My 5 Tips!

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Are you ready for stress free family photos?  Read on to see my top 5 ways you can do it!

5 Ways To Create Stress Free Family Photos

  1. Let go of “the perfect family photo”!! We are constantly seeing photos of families perfectly posed, with perfect outfits, perfect hair, and smiles. That’s simply not realistic and will not make your family photos stress free!! Who wouldn’t feel a little intimidated when we think that’s what we have to live up to? The most beautiful and memorable photos come when everyone feels like being who they are. If your children hate to sit still for photos, don’t do it! If being serious isn’t your thing then take silly photos, do what comes naturally to your family. I promise you’ll be much happier with the results if you don’t try to be someone else’s idea of perfect. Just be yourselves, I’m confident you’ll have more fun that way.
  2. Stop being your own worst critic!! When you look back at photos from your childhood are you criticizing your parents weight or what they are wearing?  No, you are looking at the connection and that moment in time. No matter what you think about yourself, your kids will simply be happy that they have a picture with their family. They will love the memories captured, no matter “how you think you look” in the photos.
  3. Choose the right photographer!! Find someone that makes you feel comfortable and that you connect with. Personally, I think chatting on the phone can be the most beneficial as you can really get a good idea of how they approach sessions and answer any questions you might have.
  4. What you want your photos to say about who your family is at this moment in your lives? Do you want your kids to pick out their favorite outfits because your oldest always wants to wear their rainbow “fancy” dress and your youngest is obsessed with dinosaurs? Or your 7 year old just lost their two front teeth? Thinking about this moment in your lives can give direction to the session and help put you at ease and excited about getting photos of your amazing family.
  5. Pick the best time of day for your family. The magic golden hour will be mean nothing if you have a screaming 3 year old that is over tired and having their photos taken is the last thing they want. Really think about when you family is at their best time of day and plan for that!

Oh and if you are worried about what to wear just shop your closet!! The best photos aren’t about everyone matching or what you are wearing, it is about the connection and personalities. I promise you, if you follow these tips you will have succeed in stress free family photos. 🙂

Want to chat about your upcoming photo session or looking for some other tips? I’d love to hear from you!


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