5 Secrets to Amazing Family Photos!!

Follow these 5 secrets to get amazing family photos!!

Minneapolis Fall Family Photos - Family laughter

1. It starts with what you wear

What you wear matters, but not in the way you think it does. You want to be able to move around and interact with your family, so comfort is key. When you and your family are comfortable, it will come across in the photos and reflect who you are as a family. 🙂 If you are wearing clothes that you have to constantly readjust or your kids complain are too tight it will keep everyone from being their authentic self. Pro tip: the best sessions happen when the kids have say in what they are wearing and are excited to wear it!!

If you need a place to start, check out my blog post where I gave my seniors 10 tips when picking their outfits.

2. Connection

The connection you have made with your the beautiful family you created is where it is at. Snuggle, hold hands, kiss those cheeks, tickle and of course FAMILY HUG!! Let your kids personalities shine through even if it means a little bit of crazy. I promise you, it will make for the most amazing family photos. 🙂

Edina Newborn Photographer - Parents with Baby in front of art

3. Relax + Embrace the Imperfections

Kids will be kids, so let them!! Don’t stress about those silly faces, occasional poop jokes or jumping on the bed. These usually lead to giggles, giant smiles and amazing stories behind the images.

Secrets to Amazing Family Photos

4. What makes you special?

You know!! What do you want to remember from this moment in time? Is your son taking dance lessons…lets dance!! Does your daughter has a tiny curl behind her left ear…lets capture it!! You and your partner just celebrated 10 years together…lets see you get close and laugh!! Taking a snapshot of what is going on and embracing this phase of life is what it’s all about.

One Year Photos - Little feet with pointed toe

5. Timing

When you are thinking about booking your amazing family photos session, think about what time of day is best for you and your family. If your kids are up early then a morning session might be the way to go. But if they like to stay up later, a golden-hour session would be best.

You want your family to be the best they can be – so pick the right time of day and keep that day light with activities before your session.

Minnetonka Family Photography - family skating

Since you know all the secrets now what are you waiting for?! Let’s make this happen and capture this beautiful family you created for the next generations to enjoy!!

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