Megan Norman: A Creative Professional Who Brings Your Family Memories to Life

Megan Norman: A Creative Professional Who Brings Your Family Memories to Life

A Creative Professional Who Brings Your Family Memories to Life

The Williams Family

Guest Written by: Mandy Jeppesen 

In a world where everyone thinks they are a photographer, it is hard to find a true professional. Someone who can capture the essence of a family and the moments that make them unique while removing the stress-factors AND making the session a new happy memory for years to come. But once in a while, someone comes along who reminds you just how powerful REAL photography can be. For the Williams family, that someone is Megan Norman.

Megan is more than just a photographer. She is a visual artist who brings people’s memories to life. We were thrilled to have the chance to catch up with one of her happy families to talk about their experiences working with Megan. 

So, Why Megan?

Amy Williams is excited to share her wonderful working relationship with their own family photographer, Megan Norman. 

“We choose to continue to book with Megan because my kids are comfortable with her. She can get them to smile with their most natural smiles and capture the best real moments. We have been using Megan for 7 years and each year it gets to be more fun. My kids want to tell Megan what they want captured and they love giving her new ideas making the session extra fun. It doesn’t feel like work, which in my 4 kid’s younger years, it was a bit more of a challenge. Despite it all,  Megan has always had patience and is flexible during our sessions to keep the session moving,” Amy shares. 

Megan’s clients keep coming back to her because of the connection she creates with their families. Her warm personality and approachable demeanor allow her to capture authentic moments that tell their story. Her client’s kids are not just smiling for the camera, they are having fun because they feel safe and at ease.

What Makes Megan Special?

Before working with her, her clients had high expectations. They were looking for someone who could capture beautiful, authentic photographs. Megan does not disappoint. She brings her artistic vision to every session and ensures that each family’s personality shines through.

“When I booked our first session with Megan I was thrilled and the most excited I had ever been to work with a photographer. I had seen her past work and I was always in AWE by how stunning and authentic the moments she has captured are. They were beautifully edited, and I was eager to capture our moments with her. It was a special day because we were capturing my 4th pregnancy and the photos she took were the photos we used to share the news with our closest family and friends,” Amy adds. 

Capturing Memories that Matter

Megan’s passion for photography is unwavering. At the end of the day, it’s about the moments she captures for her clients. 

“Our family enjoys Megan because she is passionate about photography. I have always felt she has an artistic vision and what is important to her are the moments she captures for each family she works with. She has an eye for detail and will spend time scoping her location out, so she knows it is exactly what she is imagining in her head and how she wants her photos to turn out for her clients. I have always been pleased with the end product,” Amy continues. 

Amy’s Favorite Sessions

“Our family has more than a couple of favorite sessions with Megan. But one of my all time  favorites was my first session we had – the photos that were taken we used to share the news of my 4th pregnancy with friends and family. I also love love love the 2 winter sessions we have done as they are different from everything else we have done as they are so playful and fun,” Amy beams with delight.

Megan enjoys those winter sessions just as much as her clients too. “Outside or in during midwest winters, there is a certain excitement in the air – one of embracing the cold and having fun! It’s a great season for making new family memories.” 

Final Thoughts

Megan is not your ordinary photographer. She is a creative professional who has a passion for capturing real moments that families will cherish forever. With her exceptional skill, artistic vision, and warm personality, clients will be sure to get the most out of their photography sessions. It is no surprise that Megan’s clients continually turn to her to capture their family memories year over year.

Come as you are, and let us tell your family’s story through beautiful photography!! Send me an email to get started!!

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