What to Wear, That is the Question…

What to Wear, That is the Question…

What to Wear, That is the Question...

Wondering what to wear for your summer family photos? The answer is simple: wear what you love and feel comfortable in! Start by shopping your own closet for items that make you and your family feel their best. After all, family photos are about capturing this special moment in time.

With that being said, there are definitely things to consider when picking out your clothes for your session. Take it from me. Nothing is worse than feeling overheated, cold, or straight-up uncomfortable during a photo-shoot …and the results are usually forced smiles and extra stress lines. 

Consider This!

  1. Think about the location of your photoshoot – if you’re heading to the beach or park, dress for the environment. Make sure everyone’s outfits match the season and avoid odd combinations like one person in shorts and another in a sweater.
  2. Aim for coordination over matching by choosing 2-3 colors that everyone can weave into their outfits. Now, coordination doesn’t mean matching – unless you want a humorous 1980 -1990’s themed (awkward) family shot, stay away from twinning it up with your loved ones. 
  3. Layering and texture can add dimension and allow for flexibility during the shoot. Dressing with layers you can peel back or add on also allows for a more elaborate looking session with the facade of having multiple outfits on-site. 
  4. Avoid neon colors and clothes with large logos or slogans – these don’t show up or look the best in print photos and also don’t “wear” well with time. 
  5. Moms: Here’s a tip, start with YOUR outfit first to ensure you feel your best the day of and craft your families coordinating items around yours. Lead the way Mama!

Lastly, don’t forget to plan wardrobes ahead of time and not the day of. Minimizing the stress levels on the day of your shoot will help ensure everyone feels comfortable and can be their true selves during the shoot. 

Everyone ready?! Lets do this!! Send me an email to get started.

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