5 Tips When Choosing The Right Photographer

The search for finding the right photographer can feel overwhelming, but I got you with these 5 simple tips!


Start Googling

If you don’t have a certain photographer in mind (or a recommendation from a friend/family member) turn to Google. You can search a few different key terms depending on the type of photographer you are looking for: newborn, family, maternity or wedding. Then add in a local keyword like “Edina Photography” or “Minneapolis Photographers.”

Megan Norman Photography Google search results

From there, start clicking and opening up separate tabs for each photographer.

I love tabs because then I can compare each photographer easily for things like:

-Do they have a specialty? (newborns, weddings, families)

-Do they shoot indoors or outdoors?

-Are they more candid or posed?

-Do you like their style and does it align with my personal style?

Read Google Reviews

I don’t know about you, but I usually read a handful of Google reviews before I hire or purchase anything. Looking at the good, bad and in-between reviews, plus when they were written, will give you an idea on if you think they may be a good fit. A red flag may be if the photographer you are looking at has their top reviews from several years ago.

Megan Norman Photography Google business reviews

Check out their Instagram

After you find a few photographers you think fit your style check out their Instagram profile. Since Instagram is highly visual, it’s the perfect spot to see some of their latest work and get an even better idea of who they are. Their personality usually shines through with what they find funny, what they talk about on stories and the photos they share. I call Instagram my highlight reel!!

Megan Norman Photography Instagram page

Reach out!

There should be a “let’s chat” or contact tab on their website for you to get more information.

Take note on how these first interactions are:

– How quickly they were to respond?

– What type of response did they give you?

– Were they in budget?

If you are trying to find a photographer to build a relationship with every year then make sure their communication style is likes yours.

Dive into their blogs and galleries

Make sure you like what you see on their blogs and galleries and sessions that speak to you. They are showing you their favorites and best work when they post to their blogs, so that is how they will most likely photograph you. There are so many photographers out there and there is one for you!!

Megan Norman Photography blog posts

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