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edina family photography - in front of house

The saying goes “Fill a house with love and it becomes a home.” I think about that every time I arrive for an in-home family photography session. It’s so special to arrive and take in the love and joy that radiates from a family home. From the colors on the walls and furniture, to the family members, it ALL has meaning because you chose it. Gosh, I can’t think of anything more special then that! Well, actually I can…when the in-home family photography session also captures a family in their new home!

When I arrived at the Wenngatz Family home on a warm fall day, I was greeted by the family dog. (Great start!!) Life is certainly busy for this crew of five. With three kids going in different directions each night, and two busy parents, an in-home session was perfect for this family. I really like when I can make it as stress-free as possible for a family, as I come to you. Let me do the work and get to you on time! Plus, there is no need to clean up as I may move some items around to help capture our shared vision. 🙂

So when I arrive, just settle in and let capture you in one of your favorite spaces – your beautiful home! All of the memories, new and old, have a special way of being held inside the walls that you built for your family.

Whether you are a family of one or 101, let’s chat about your next in-home family photography session!

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