Book a Family Photography Session? Here is how you do it…

So, Megan…I want to book a Family Photography Session?

Book a Family Photography Session

That’s easy, a Family Session starts with a Quick Email…

The first step in booking your family photo session is shooting me an email via on contact page or at It is really that easy!!

Once I received your email, I will make you a customized video that fills you in on the whole process plus a link to schedule your session. Choosing and investing in a photographer can be stressful, so my goal is to make sure you understand how it all works and that we are a good fit. I know that you are busy, so I promise not to drag on and get to the point.

A few things I will discuss in the video:

  1. I’ll fill you in on my process.
  2. Tell me your goals for your family session.
  3. Talk about commonly asked questions.
  4. Show you how easy it is to find and schedule your session.

There will be a link to the website I reference in the video for you to review everything, plus a link to my schedule. You can schedule right from that link…it is that easy! I’ll also send you a questionnaire that will be able to help plan the perfect family session and get the photos you have been wanting!!

What are you waiting for?! Let’s connect and get started in planning your fantastic family session!

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magic in the mess



they grow up too fast



Preserve your story

The lovie they insist on taking everywhere, the princess dress they wont take off, & even stepping on legos hidden in the rug... let's preserve this chapter of your family story.

You're going to miss this!



Come as you are for a family photography experience everyone will enjoy! Because I believe that as long as you’re all laughing together, nothing could be more beautiful.

Redefining Picture-Perfect. Together. 



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