Are newborn photos worth it?!

are newborn photos worth it

Are newborn photos worth it!!

St. Paul Newborn

 1. You have the best of intentions to take photos of your new amazing kiddo, but there is so much to do!!

You just made and pushed out the cutest little person you have ever seen, so give yourself permission to enjoy those moments and leave the photos to me!

I can tell you from personal experience that I thought I would capture Olive’s newborn photos when she was born, but I was very wrong. Her birth didn’t go as planned and I had a longer recovery, which meant I couldn’t capture her during the first few days. Believe me, I didn’t make that mistake with my other two…I had those newborn photographers scheduled months in advance.

There is so much to do after just having a baby, so enjoy the time and let me capture all those adorable little toes, wrinkles and yawns.

Edina Newborn Photographer - Baby feet

2. Your newborn changes at lightning speed!!

You know that saying “time flies”? It goes triple the speed during the first few weeks after your baby is born! Your tiny little baby will change a lot, so let me capture the beautiful moments for you because it is easy to forget just how small they were. Let’s be honest that first month (or months) are a blur and you want newborn photos to look back at for yourself and generations to come.

3. You need to be in the photos!!

If nothing else, give yourself and your family the gift of having YOU in the photos. Capturing you with your baby is just as important as the photos of just your baby. As your newborn photographer, I know these photos will be treasured for years to come. Your baby will love seeing their parents loving them from day one!!

Are you ready to hire a newborn photographer now?! Let’s talk and I can tell you about the process, including the Prep Guide you’ll get to best prepare for the newborn photography session!

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