Sweet One Year Photos I Zoe

One Year Photos - Standing

I’m loving these sweet one year photos of Zoe, the youngest of four!! I bet you can recognize this family as I have had the honor of capturing them since the second was in her mama’s belly.

Getting one year photos can be a simple session with just your little one at your home, park, my studio or any other favorite spot. It is a time to focus on that first year and how much your little one has grown and changed! I love zooming in on all the little details – toes, hands, eyes, and that toothy grin. Don’t you think that once they get their first teeth it changes them so much?! I love this because it really captures who they are at this age.

Since Zoe’s birthday is in the winter, we spent some time in the studio. It was such a joy to have the time with her to capture her personality and her little mannerisms. We also brought in big brothers, which offered some extra cute moments too.

Watching this family grow, plus getting to know each little ones personality, has been amazing. It’s something I really love to do, capturing families at this moment in time and then returning to them again to capture as they’ve grown and changed.

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your a milestone birthday or freshen up some family photos? Let’s chat!

One Year Photos - Little feet with pointed toe One Year Photos - three photos of little girl sitting One Year Photos - trying to grab camera One Year Photos - cheesy smile One Year Photos - little girl moving One Year Photos - standing up One Year Photos - Little girl laughing One Year Photos - Little feet One Year Photos - Girl smiling One Year Photos - brother hugs One Year Photos - mama and brother hugs One Year Photos - big brother smiling One Year Photos - big brother

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