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I'm so grateful for the opportunity to capture real, fleeting moments for my families to cherish for years to come. Here you'll find some of those perfectly imperfect memories frozen in time.

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Family Photo Fun in NE Minneapolis is a perfect for switching it up!! Looking for a new and unique spot for your next photoshoot?! Look no further than NE Minneapolis! With its urban charm and variety of backdrops, this neighborhood is the perfect spot for capturing unique shots. From the exposed brick and metal to […]

Family Photo Fun in NE Minneapolis

NE Minneapolis Urban Family Photo

5 Tips for Stress-Free Photos with Twins Welcome to the exciting world of newborn twin photography!! Follow these 5 tips to ensure a successful and stress-free photo session… Tip 1: Keep it cozy and convenient. Avoid the hassle of packing up and leaving the house by having an at-home session. You’ll be thanking me later…plus […]

5 Tips for Stress-Free Photos with Twins

Eden Prairie Newborn Photos Twins

  Photographing kid personalities can be a challenge! Whether your child is shy, energetic or everything in between, it’s important to know that the photos I take of your family will capture the personalities that you love! I truly believe that photos are one of the most fun and memorable ways to capture special moments […]

Photographing Kid Personalities: 4 Ways To Capture the Best of Shy, Energetic, and Everything in Between

Discover a Unique Spot for Family Photos Minneapolis Sculpture Garden When you are lucky enough to see a family every year it can get tricky to find an interesting and unique spot for family photos. Luckily, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden never disappoints. It always provides a beautiful and one-of-a-kind backdrop, especially in the summer. The […]

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: A Unique Spot for Family Photos

Summer Family Photos at Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

OK…so now you have all these amazing photos of your family and you aren’t sure what to do with them. Here are 5 amazing ways to display your images on your walls!  Displaying your favorite images on your walls is a great way to personalize your home decor and showcase your personal style. From traditional […]

5 Amazing Ways to Display Your Images on Your Walls

Megan Norman: A Creative Professional Who Brings Your Family Memories to Life The Williams Family Guest Written by: Mandy Jeppesen  In a world where everyone thinks they are a photographer, it is hard to find a true professional. Someone who can capture the essence of a family and the moments that make them unique while […]

Megan Norman: A Creative Professional Who Brings Your Family Memories to Life

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The lovie they insist on taking everywhere, the princess dress they wont take off, & even stepping on legos hidden in the rug... let's preserve this chapter of your family story.

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Come as you are for a family photography experience everyone will enjoy! Because I believe that as long as you’re all laughing together, nothing could be more beautiful.

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