Photographing Kid Personalities: 4 Ways To Capture the Best of Shy, Energetic, and Everything in Between

Minneapolis newborn photos with the entire family of five


Photographing kid personalities can be a challenge! Whether your child is shy, energetic or everything in between, it’s important to know that the photos I take of your family will capture the personalities that you love!

I truly believe that photos are one of the most fun and memorable ways to capture special moments with your favorite people. However, it’s important to remember that each child has their own unique personality and approach to being photographed.

Keep reading for the 4 ways I approach photographing kid personalities during a family photo session:

The Shy Child

If you have a shy child, it’s important for me to make them feel comfortable and at ease during the session. This is why my questionnaire is so important because it gives me some insight into your kids.

When I arrive I will take some time to get to know your kids and build a rapport with them before I start taking photos. I try to engage them in conversation, ask them about their interests, and make them feel heard and understood.

It’s also important to give them some space and not force them to do anything they’re uncomfortable with. Let them warm up to the camera at their own pace.

Child sitting on ground between adult legs in photographing kid personalities.

The Energetic Child

If you have an energetic child, it can be challenging to get them to sit still for photos. Instead of trying to force them to pose, I embrace their energy and incorporate it into the shoot.

I take action shots, such as running or jumping, or incorporate their favorite things like balls or toys to keep them engaged. I also try playing games, ask silly questions or making funny faces to get them to relax and have fun.

Two kids, with legs in the air, while playing in hammock during photographing kid personalities.

The Creative, Curious and Outgoing Children

If you have a child who is creative, curious, and outgoing may have a lot of ideas and energy during the photo shoot. To capture their personalities, I let them suggest poses, favorite things, or activities that reflect their interests and personalities.

I also try to incorporate different backgrounds or locations that can showcase their curiosity and sense of adventure.

Summer Family Photos at Minneapolis Sculpture Garden of three sisters in photographing kid personalities.

The Unsure Child

If you have a child that isn’t too sure about photos, I like to approach the photo session with patience and understanding.

I find out what’s bothering them and address their concerns before I start taking photos. I try to engage them in an activity that they enjoy, such as playing a game or listening to music, to help lift their mood. 

6 month girl laying on stomach in photographing kid personalities.

Photographing kid personalities are so fun which is why I’d love to capture yours exactly as you are!! Trust me when I tell you that I have experienced EVERY TYPE of personality in kids and love each one. 🙂

Say hello and let’s get your family photo session scheduled!

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