The most extraordinary moments are the ones that happen in real life. The moments where you are being you with the ones you love. I will capture memories to tell a beautiful story, the moments that capture your real life. 

Real life is a little messy -- and that’s what makes it beautiful. Between my stubborn good taste and your authentic awesome self, we’ll create amazing photos that capture you being you in your element. 

I'm Megan!!


Minneapolis-St. Paul PhotographER

 Megan has such an easy manner and finds ways to make something that can be sort of forced and awkward feel fun and playful. She was perfectly able to get the correct light on all the skin shades in our family (which ranges from beautiful dark brown to very fair peach tones) so everyone was able to be seen in their fullness in our photo! 

- Melissa Stevenson

It’s literally a miracle when someone can get a shot that truly showcases everyone in their truest self.

We have had the pleasure of working with Megan Norman Photography since our wedding over 7 years ago! She is very professional, flexible, and has a way of making everyone feel comfortable. Megan is also incredibly patient, which comes in very handy when trying to photograph infants and toddlers.  

- Kevin Quinn

Photo sessions with Megan are always fun and relaxed!

 Megan has taken our family photos for the past 8 years. They say the days are long but the years are short. The only real way to freeze your kids in time is to ensure family photos are taken because everyone... even mom (!) ... will be in the pictures looking their best. 

- Alicia Oberg

If the world needs all of us to find our calling, it is safe to say, Megan has found hers and we are all the benefactors of that!

 Often after a photo session with my crazy family, I think, there is no way Megan got any good pictures of us, we were a disaster!! And then like magic, I see the photos and I'm amazed Megan was able to capture our family in the most perfect photos that I will cherish forever!!

- Melissa Rogan

Megan is an incredible person and photographer, she's almost magical!!

Want to know more about me?

I’m married to a handsome hunk accountant
and am a mom to three spunky kiddos.
I’m a fun-loving high-energy gal. When I’m not spending time making magic with my camera you can find me running, listening to my favorite podcasts, chasing after the occasional rogue child, and sipping caffeinated beverages. Oh, and I wish I could be enjoying a donut from
A Baker’s Wife on the daily. 

You’re cool, I’m cool, let’s be friends!!

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Summer + Fall

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Tom, Olive, Theodore + Ford


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